Boarding Kennel

Ernie and Bonnie Witten

Wittenhaus Kennels was formerly called Corbscott Farms which was founded in 1927. The Corby family bought the property and started the kennel business in 1927. It continued to be a family business up until 2003 when owner Carol Corby retired, and sold the property and kennel to long time family friends, Ernie and Bonnie Witten, who were longing to embrace their dreams and passions of owning a kennel, and breeding Rottweilers. The kennel became the perfect opportunity to breed the Rottweilers, a breed that needs plenty of socialization, discipline, time, and attention. Rottweilers are not for everyone, as they are more of a working dog rather than a lap dog. With this goal in mind, the Witten's could now have the space and environment to pursue breeding. However, the love of dogs also encouraged Ernie and Bonnie to continue the boarding of all kinds of dogs.

Over the recent years, Wittenhaus Kennels has developed a positive reputation as a contemporary facility that accommodates your family pet in many ways. Many of the patrons refer to Wittenhaus Kennels as "doggie camp", "home away from home", and as "their dog's vacation spot". The goal of WK is to please their customers with the absolute best care for their pet.

As time continues, the Witten's would like to modify and expand their kennel business. Future goals include enlarging the facilities, meeting all needs of the pet owners, helping dogs in physical therapy, and develop their new and current "Doggie Day Care" program. As the kennel business grows larger, these ideas become more of a reality, and the Witten's appreciate and welcome their customers sincerely. Ernie and Bonnie Witten plan on continuing the kennel business with the ultimate care for your pet, as they treat all boarders with the same love, care, and compassion as they treat their own dogs.

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Kennel Accomodations

  • Comfortable atmosphere
  • Sanitized and cleaned environment
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • 24 hour music available
  • Separate individual runs which allow socialization only through fence
  • Indoor quarters with outdoor runs sized from 5 ft. wide to 15-20 ft. long
  • Night lights
  • Individual attention for each dog
  • Homelike care for special needs dogs
  • Fenced in backyard which allows for individual exercise and play time
  • Medical treatment and administration of any medicine needed
  • Audio monitors which are connected to the Witten's house
  • Comforters, rugs, blankets, and bedding for each dog
  • Same diet as home
  • Stove, refrigerator, and microwave for any means
  • Attentive staff and continual care for your dog
  • Washing of laundry/bedding
  • Availability to book early and in advance as needed for holidays and summertime.

Boarding Fees

(Small dogs) 30 lbs. and under- $35 per night, plus tax
(Large dogs) 31 lbs. and over- $40 per night, plus tax
Any two dogs together in the same run is:
(Small dogs) $60 per night, plus tax
(Large dogs) $70 per night, plus tax
These prices do not apply if dogs are separated into different runs
For more than two dogs, please ask for a price.

We accept cash or check. Sorry no credit cards.

* Note- All returned checks require a $35 fee

All customers are required to give us a deposit of 1 night stay at the time of the reservation, which will be applied to your stay


Our hours for drop off / pick up are as follows:
Monday through Friday: 8:00-10:00 AM and 3:00-5:00 PM
Saturday: 7:30-11:00 AM
We are closed on Sundays- No pickups or drop offs

Please let us know when you will be dropping off and picking up so we can schedule accordingly for other reservations.

Download & Fill Out Our Boarding Questionaire Form (PDF)
Before Arriving at the Kennel